Hello Bakersfield! 2

Welcome to our new monthly publication. Bakersfield Lifestyle will celebrate the city and people of Bakersfield. Each and every month we will feature news, people, places and special events that make Bakersfield unique.

This is a magazine about you and your neighbors, the places you work and places you frequent. We’ll let you know what’s happening around town and spotlight news that’s important and interesting to you. You’ll meet your old friends and meet some new folks, too.

We will feature articles on food and wine, art and music. You will find articles on interior design, gardening, creative recipes and healthy lifestyles. We’ll profile local personalities and discover what’s new in the Bakersfield business community. We’ll tell you about the real estate market and sample some recently sold properties. You’ll know how local charities are giving back to our community. The possibilities are endless!

We are very excited about partnering with the community and getting to know each other.

Bakersfield, what a great place to be!