When Your Child Needs a Hand

The Sylvan Way

It’s now November and the school year is in full swing. About now, parents might begin to sense that all is not well with the way the school year is progressing. Perhaps parent-teacher conferences revealed academic concerns. Parents might be noticing that their child is unhappy, tears with homework are a nightly event, and maybe the mornings are fraught with trouble. Maybe there are behavior issues that have suddenly become evident. Maybe the child seems withdrawn and sad. Or maybe a bright child is bored and disinterested in school. Parents sense something is amiss but might not be able to put their finger on the problem. Or perhaps educators have diagnosed the source of the academic issue, but what to do?

Seeking Help

The greatest gift we give our children is, of course, love. We all want our children to grow up and be happy, successful adults. And as adults, we know how challenging and competitive life can be. Parental responsibility also requires recognizing the problems our children face and then to seek solutions. Academic issues can produce a myriad of problems, not only for the child but that also affects the whole dynamic of family life. There is help out there.

Individualized Programs

A lifeline for many families for almost 40 years is Sylvan Learning. Sylvan has a unique approach to supplemental education. Expertly trained certified teachers assess students and create individualized programs that address a particular student’s needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Tutoring at Sylvan is personally tailored, comprehensive and innovative. The ratio of students to teachers is extremely low, and Sylvan utilizes the latest learning technology. Children make use of iPads for lessons and assignments, which tend to keep them focused and engaged. Sylvan also effectively utilizes a motivational reward system that has kids squealing with delight.

A Eureka Moment

Sylvan makes learning fun, and children can’t wait to go for their after-school sessions. Kylie is a precocious fifth grader who was struggling in class. Her confidence was low, and she seemed unhappy and reticent to go to school. Her parents knew something was wrong with their otherwise happy child. It was obvious Kylie was having a difficult time with math and tested below state standards according to recent school testing. 

Sylvan teachers discovered that Kylie never fully grasped the concepts of phonics and had difficulty reading and understanding instructions. Her math difficulties were due in large part to her lack of understanding of phonics that had been taught in first grade. This gap in her education was snowballing as she was passed from grade to grade. Luckily, she and her parents found Sylvan. Now, Kylie can’t wait to see her after-school teachers, Miss Shannon, Mr. Johnny and Mr. Kevin. 

The once-struggling Kylie now loves to learn and says, “It’s really fun coming here!”

Easing Transitions

Transferring to a new school is difficult for any child. Transferring to a new school in a new country is even more challenging. Seven-year-old Zander and his family relocated to Bakersfield from Canada. Enticed by a new job opportunity, the family eagerly enrolled their son in second grade. They soon learned the educational requirements of the two countries differed widely. Children in Canada are not expected to read until first or second grade while many children here are reading in kindergarten. Zander is a bright boy who excels in math, but he was significantly behind in reading. 

His parents were alarmed and concerned that his confidence was in jeopardy and his ability to adapt to a new school and new country was going to be negatively impacted. With some research, his mother found Sylvan. She visited several other tutoring programs and decided on Sylvan because of the sincerity, dedication and natural rapport the teachers established with her son.

Interpreting Results

While Sylvan also utilized the STAR test to access Zander’s reading ability, they provided more detailed interpretation of the results. Sylvan was able to pinpoint Zander’s issues and customize a program that addressed the problem. He has responded particularly well to the tips and tricks his tutors shared with him. 

After six months at Sylvan, Zander is a smiling happy boy who is never without a book in his hand. He is confident and has adjusted well to his new school environment. Zander has won two academic awards so far, and his parents see a promising future for him. Zander may be headed for a STEM career and, if he does, he might well partake in Sylvan’s coding and robotics courses. 

“I can’t say enough nice things about Sylvan. My sister is going to enroll her daughter, too, in Sylvan Canada,” his mother says.

Delia Navarro, Executive Director and Owner of Sylvan Learning Bakersfield

“We love that we have the opportunity on a daily basis to partner with families that believe in the importance of education. Our team of experts is passionate about providing students the tools needed to increase confidence and success in school and in life. My husband and I know the importance of igniting and maintaining the love of learning firsthand, having a first-grade daughter and 3-year-old son, and it’s extremely rewarding to be able to give back to the community, having grown up in Kern County myself. 

“Nothing is greater than being able to celebrate the A’s on the report cards, to help turn frustrating homework time into quality family time, to help a student achieve the SAT score needed to get into his/her dream college, or to witness those aha moments when you watch a student finally get the concept or skill they’ve been working so hard at. It’s what it’s all about. We are right here with your family to help you personalize a plan to meet your student’s needs and reach your family’s goals.”

Sylvan, The First Name in 
Supplemental Education

Sylvan Learning offers assistance at all levels not only for students who are struggling but also those who wish to advance their academic performance or prepare for SAT, ACT and other standardized tests. Sylvan is located at 2720 Calloway Drive, Suite A. Call 661.387.6060 for more information about their programs.