Hello Bakersfield! 2

At Bakersfield Lifestyle, we have much to be thankful for. Building the magazine over the past six months has been our driving mission every day—sometimes challenging, but more often exhilarating. We arrived in Bakersfield, almost by accident, in March 2017, hoping we made the right decision. No family, friends or acquaintances to lean on. Our driving commitment was to launch an upscale lifestyle magazine into a market that, by all initial indications, wasn’t looking for a new magazine. But many business owners gave us a chance—and the time to hear us out. We also set out to create a publication with engaging and compelling local content that our readers look forward to issue to issue—appealing enough to sit on the coffee table inviting multiple reads.

Bakersfield has been welcoming. For that, we’re grateful. After all, we’re outsiders from the Northeast, from Philadelphia and New York City, respectively. But that’s the real charm of this place. The people are genuine, trusting and earnest—almost the “what you see is what you get.” They’re unpretentious. What a refreshing quality in a world that doesn’t always reveal its true motives. Not Bakersfield. Neighbors have been friendly, and businesses opened their doors. And our group of distinguished charter advertisers were open and trusting enough to buy into our vision of building a unique marketing platform on the print landscape. They didn’t have an “in print” publication to evaluate or testimonials to read. They just trusted that our missions would align.

And we believe with the launch of our October 2017 issue of Bakersfield Lifestyle that a new option for reaching our target demographic will be the right option for the right business partners. We often say, we’re not for everyone, but if our markets and missions intersect, we’ll deliver the goods for our ad partners.

Thank you, Bakersfield for welcoming us. We haven’t regretted our move for an instant. We hope you enjoy reading our publication.

Happy Thanksgiving.