Bakersfield's Top Fitness Trends 2

Workouts to Try in 2018

January is Bakersfield Lifestyle’s “Active” issue. So, we took a look at what’s happening in local fitness. If you’re hoping to discover a new direction in your own health and fitness pursuit, we hope you find something here that enlightens or inspires you.

Boxing and Kickboxing

Total Woman FitZone

5329 Truxtun Ave.

Bakersfield, CA 93309


Conventional wisdom says that boxers are among the fittest athletes on the planet. They spar for hours, and it’s aerobic, it builds strength and muscle, improves balance and discipline, and creates a lean and muscled physique that’s never muscle-bound—less than 10 percent body fat. So, with the growth of mixed martial arts (MMA), kicks have become part of what is now known in exercise circles as kickboxing. It engages the entire core—both upper and lower body—in high-intensity workouts with loud pulsating music that drives energy in the room. 

Total Woman FitZone is a 20+ year-old Bakersfield institution. Owner Leigh Pozas is the guiding force behind one of the most comprehensive fitness operations in Bakersfield. She’s also a primary instructor for boxing and kickboxing. 

“Kickboxing has been an important part of maintaining my own fitness,” Leigh says.

Exercisers wear heart rate straps and can visually track optimal aerobic zone heart rates to maximize the benefits of building strength and burning calories. It’s fun,  high energy and the strength and weight loss gains provide all the motivation anyone needs.

Hot Yoga

Warrior 1 Yoga Studio

1006 Calloway Drive, Suite A

Bakersfield CA 93312


If boundless business owner passion is a critical success factor, Dana Healey, founder and owner of Bakersfield’s Warrior 1 Yoga Studio is off the charts! Her energy and passion are infectious. Warrior 1 offers a wide variety of classes in a number of yoga disciplines to keeps things interesting.

After serious injuries incurred during a 10-year military career in Iraq and Afghanistan, Dana soon began her life’s mission but first required that she recover from a broken back and arm. She then completed the rigorous 500-hour registered Yoga Alliance certification. By now, you’re probably wondering just how hot is it in hot yoga? Temperatures range continuously between 90-106 degrees F in sessions that can typically last one hour to 90 minutes. 

Jake, a burly, shaved-head guy, says that hot yoga had changed his life. Yeah, he did lift weights, but he said he was overweight and inflexible with a range of aches and pains.

“Hot yoga not only helps you lose weight, but it makes you more limber and flexible,” Jake says. 

Jake also says “athletic” guys have discovered hot yoga’s benefits. A new 4,000-square-foot Warrior 1 location will be opening at 13019 Stockdale Highway in early January where they’ll also be introducing the new indoor SoulCycle spinning system.


CrossFit Crazy House

1759 Elzworth St.

Bakersfield, CA 93312


In simplest terms, CrossFit is bursts of intensely strenuous exercises, followed by short rests. But it’s so much more. It’s about 60 minutes of sweat that pushes your body to today’s limits. It’s been called by some the world’s most “beautifully addictive” workout. CrossFit has enjoyed continuous growth in reaching 15,000+ locations globally today. 

Jennifer Wright, founder and owner of Crossfit Crazy House, has developed a viral and passionate following in Bakersfield. The incredibly fit mother of three is both a certified physical trainer and CrossFit-certified. She has found her life’s mission during her six years of operating CrossFit Crazy House.

“CrossFit is so personalized; it actually changes peoples lives.”  —Jennifer Wright

Workouts are purpose-built to focus on different body parts and muscle groups. But the real beauty of how Jennifer goes about it is that each client can bite off only what they can manage today. You take on greater intensity when you’re ready. Above all, she wants clients to succeed.

“Whether it’s to build strength, lose weight, gain confidence and flexibility, we can build the right program,” she says. 

And, she says members feel like part of an extended family, She has worked with people from ages 4  to 70+. A Masters Challenge class for clients 55 and older has been very popular.