Confessions of a Student Athlete … and Her Personal Trainer 1

Carr Elite, Elite Training for Athletes of Every Sport and Adult Fitness

As a college soccer player back home in Bakersfield for summer break, I discovered Carr Elite, elite training for athletes of every sport and adult fitness. So, after many years of self-directed training, workout routines and sports drills, I felt I needed to raise the bar on ways to increase my speed, explosiveness and strength with improved agility and acuity. Carr Elite was exactly what this goalkeeper needed.

Eric Mahanke

Eric is the head strength and conditioning coach at Carr Elite. He and best friends David and Derek Carr, quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, founded Carr Elite with the idea of helping serious athletes enhance their competitive skills, strengthen their bodies and increase mental acuity and toughness. The programs are custom designed based on the athletic and fitness goals of each individual. 

Eric, as a professional athlete himself, knew precisely how to take my training to the next level in sessions that were different than anything before. The schedule—alternating mornings and afternoons, with a range of exercises kept the body off guard—weight training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with agility drills on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Eric is dedicated to helping us become the best versions of ourselves we can be. His biggest frustration is not being able to help everyone. Desire and commitment are critical ingredients.

“Fad diets are killing people,” Eric says.  

As a father of two kids, it frustrates him to see kids eating junk and not exercising. He eats no grain and consumes plenty of protein. His cheat meal is sushi or maybe an occasional hamburger.