Getting Fiscally Fit in 2018

Entruity Wealth Can Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

Peace of mind—isn’t that tops on our wish list? If only Santa could have wrapped that one gift and delivered it on Christmas Eve! That would have been the best, wouldn’t it? But alas, peace of mind wasn’t under the tree. It is a gift that only we can give ourselves. The new year brings many resolutions to lose weight, start exercising, work less or work harder, complete all the odd jobs around the house, spend more time with family, new job, new house, saving for retirement, college, etc. Out with the old and in with the new!

Financial security can achieve a state of mental and emotional serenity like few other things. Our financial health influences everything we do or want to do. Achieving peace of mind benefits our physical health, relationships and decisions we make. As the saying goes, “Money can’t buy love.” But it clearly influences everything else in life: past, present and future.

Time to take Stock: Your Personal Financial Trainer

If peace of mind is on your to-do list, Entruity Wealth can help you reach your financial goals. Brad Barnes and son Andrew founded Entruity Wealth with your financial health in mind. Brad has been a certified financial planner for 33 years. He is also a certified kingdom advisor. Brad serves as founder and CEO and Andrew as president and CIO

Andrew launched his career as a wealth advisor at Morgan Stanley in 2012. For Entruity, he brings an astute knowledge of technologies that enables Entruity Wealth to offer cutting-edge services to their clients—no soothsayers or clairvoyants here! Their investment philosophy is conservative and fact-based. Entruity Wealth is a registered investment adviser. They are committed to the highest standards of client care and are legally and ethically obligated to place client fiduciary interests above all others with complete transparency.

Daughter Laurie Barnes is managing director and COO. She assists with client portfolios and other administrative duties. Wife and mother Julie Barnes rounds out the family firm. In her own words, Julie “does everything else that needs doing!” Joining team Barnes in January is the newest addition to the family, Kaylee Barnes, new bride of Andrew. Kaylee’s background is in banking, and she looks forward to working on the investment side of finance in a client services role.

So if your financial checkup for 2018 includes a debt diet, estate planning, furthering your financial education or another goal, Entruity Wealth can help you. Whether you are a young investor who’s just starting out or an experienced investor with a high net worth, the firm can aid individuals at any level. At Entruity Wealth it’s all about family and leaving a legacy. They’d like to show you how you can, too.

“We are bringing cutting-edge wealth management to everyday people.” -Brad Barnes