January 2018 Around Town

CSUB Begins Search for 
Next President

The California State University Board of Trustees has begun the search for a new president of California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) to succeed Horace Mitchell, who announced he will retire at the end of the 2017-18 academic year after serving in that role for 13 years. The first meeting of the Trustees’ Committee for the Selection of the President was held in an open forum Monday, October 30. In November and December, the committee reviewed applications and conducted interviews. For more information and updates, contact CSUB Public Affairs at csubpublicaffairs@csub.edu 
or call 661.654.2136.

Visit Downtown Bakersfield

Discover downtown Bakersfield as a happening place. If you haven’t been paying much attention, you’re probably not aware of just how much is going on there. It has a true arts and entertainment district. A great boutique hotel, The Padre, good food, great bars, art galleries, antique stores and live music abound. Like the downtown America of many cities and towns, life had long ago migrated to the suburbs and malls. But for visionary entrepreneurs, empty stores and general decay in Bakersfield presented opportunities to revitalize what had been a hive of activity until the ’70s and ’80s. And for those old enough to remember the ’50s, a visit to the Woolworths Diner is a time tunnel back to less complicated times. Your town probably had a soda counter like it. It’s truly a time warp that’s faithful in every detail. The prices aren’t at ’50s levels, but a hamburger is still about half what you’d pay at a café. Take time to grab a burger and milkshake—and just relax a while.

Bakersfield Jazz Workshop

Bakersfield has a vibrant jazz scene every Tuesday night at The Mark Restaurant. Long considered an original American art form, spreading the jazz message is the driving mission of the Bakersfield Jazz Workshop (BJW). The Mark Restaurant, a downtown landmark serves as a great backdrop for the jazz scene in Bakersfield. It’s an opportunity to experience varied jazz styles in a supportive environment that nurtures the development of jazz chops, irrespective of skill level. Experienced professionals, teachers and jazz novices can mix and feel comfortable in the BJW environment. They just want jazz to continue to grow and thrive.  So, if you’re jazz-inclined, the next Tuesday BJW event at The Mark might just inspire you. And as long as you’re there, you can also enjoy a great meal. The Mark Restaurant is located at 1623 19th St., Bakersfield. For more information, call 661.322.7665.