Sparkling and New

Welcome, 2018! This January is filled with new hope and promise. Re: a chance to restore, renew, repurpose, reinvent, reduce, regain, reaffirm, rearrange, remove, renovate, relocate, recalibrate, revive, reassess, realign, reorder, reinforce, re-energize, reimagine, rejuvenate, reawaken, reborn, reconcile, recoup, recover, restart, reevaluate, refrain, refresh, reflect. In most cases, the prefix “re” means to do again. We make resolutions year after year, again and again. Some we break before the month is over! This year is going to be different! I promise myself.

As we reflect, we are grateful to all who have made our launch successful. 

Thank you! We are going to try to fulfill all of our resolutions and hope you can, too! We wish our readers and advertising partners the best of luck with the hope that 2018 will be a spectacular year for everyone. Peace, health and happiness to you all!

Happy New Year!

Respectfully and with warmest regards,

Bob and Ali Whyte