Tracey Tipton

Journey to Her Own Happy Place

Life is so unpredictable. We are all faced with challenges. We experience highs and lows and gird ourselves for the bumpy road ahead. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we fail. Success is not measured by the number of times we are tested or by the perceived victories but rather on the inner strength we summoned to endure the battle and wage the war. As the adage states, “It’s how you play the game.”


Tracey Tipton has been a successful real estate professional for more than eight years. By all outward appearances, life seemed good. Though she was enjoying all the material rewards of success, she knew that a new chapter had to be written. The realization that her marriage was ending was difficult to accept. And, like most people going through a divorce, there was fear. Among the many facets of fear, the biggest might have been the fear of flying solo. Going it alone. She’d been a wife and mother and had a business partnership with her husband. Now what?

Tracey found strength in her faith. When she wavered, she knew, “Somehow God will show me the way.” She decided to form her own company, Team Tracey Tipton, with Miramar International Realty. The company now has five agents, an inside sales assistant and a transaction coordinator. A high point in Tracey’s transition was being named Woman of the Year by The Leukemia Lymphoma Society in 2016. But she’s also won numerous sales awards and enjoys high praise from her clients. 

Fail Forward Not Backwards

Despite her fear and inevitable missteps along the way, she has built a successful company with a bright future. Her inner strength was there all along and has only grown stronger. She believes that you can’t succeed without failure. It is a necessary ingredient that drives her. This characteristic is probably responsible for honing her tough negotiating skills. This tenacity propels Tracey in negotiating the most advantageous deals for her clients. 

“Love Your Happy Place”

A beautiful home can be a happy place, but the true happy place is in your heart and soul. Peace of mind, a full and loving heart and time with family and friends, are the things that matter most to Tracey. She is passionate about her work and strives for excellence. She is a tireless worker and relentless champion for her clients. And she likes to say,

“Sit back, breath in, take time for yourself—remember, life is short.”

Tracey Tipton loves her new happy place.