Thoughts on Remodeling

With the holidays in the rearview mirror and spring approaching, you might be considering changes to spruce up your home. You survived yet another season of cooking in an outdated, nonfunctional kitchen and say to yourself that’s it time for a change! Or maybe the New Year includes a move to another home, moving up—or perhaps downsizing. You love the house, but the kitchen is outdated or just not your style, and maybe it’s time to upgrade the baths as well.

An Investment in Function 
and Aesthetics

Home renovations are the stuff dreams are made of, so prudent planning and careful consideration are key to ensuring successful projects. In fact, Everett Gray, owner of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen says clients don’t like surprises. He insists that it’s critical that every decision down to the most minor detail on cabinet hardware and moldings style, even paint color(s) be made in advance of any quotation. He even uses an 18-page guide of “related-to-project” questions.

Then, there are the decisions like analyzing the space itself, lifestyle considerations, style preferences, cooking style, entertaining options, etc. Defining your cabinet style, door style and wood choice, paint color, countertop and backsplash choices, hardware, flooring, lighting and on and on are among a myriad of decisions to make! But, above all, establish a budget you can live with. You have to do your homework and seek the advice of a professional kitchen designer and a highly regarded remodeling contractor who specializes in kitchens—or whatever you’re remodeling. And don’t neglect to figure out the time required to complete your project. Plan, plan and plan. This is a big investment and oversights or mistakes can be frustrating and costly.

Seek the Advice of An Expert

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, owned by Everett and Patty Gray, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Everett has been a licensed contractor since 1983. They have owned the business for more than 15 years and have created projects their clients will love for a lifetime.

In addition to kitchen and bath renovation, DreamMaker also includes laundry rooms, fireplaces, entertainment areas, structural changes and room additions in their portfolio. In fact, DreamMaker can remodel your whole house. They carry an array of cabinetry styles that can accommodate tastes ranging from traditional to rustic to modern/contemporary or combinations of any number of styles.

A Great Project Addresses 
All the Details

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is all about helping people. Their years of experience and design expertise aides their clients in finding the right solution for them. There is no one-size-fits-all project. In their opinion, every home is as unique as the personalities that reside there, so it is their job to delve down deep into their client’s needs, visualize their dream and adapt the design to meet and exceed those needs. Options and possibilities are limitless at DreamMaker thanks to their experience and a very talented team!

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