Dan Slayton, Sculptor & Potter

Dan Slayton is an artist who’s fascinated by how things work and the sum of their parts. His mind is constantly working, a program he says that is “always running in the background.” He says that the execution is the easy part; it’s wrestling the concept that presents the greatest challenge. When an idea takes hold and possesses his mind, it may incubate for a day or perhaps even years until it becomes a reality. When fully formed, it’s like a chick bursting from its shell. Dan knows he “has to do it.” There is no choice; the idea must be born!

Twenty-Four Hours in the Life 

8 a.m. | Arise. While enjoying his morning joe, Dan notices a shadow on the wall, formed by a sculpture he created several years before. He is intrigued by the interplay of light and form. An idea is tucked away.

9 a.m | The kiln has been warming up since the night before. Time for the low ramp up, it will take approximately four hours. 

10:30 a.m. | Sculptures that have dried for two days are prepped for the bisque firing at 1,800 degrees for six to eight hours.

11:45 a.m | Dan finds an old gear on the side of the road. He loves the patina and knows he wants to use it someday. Dan stores the new treasure in a large wooden box that is laden with other inspirational objects.

1 p.m. | Dan works on other clay pieces that will be fired in the next session. He applies the slip to a new piece and glazes another.

4:30 p.m. | Bisque firing is complete. Kiln will cool down overnight.

6 p.m. | He finishes work on the new ceramic sculpture that incorporates metal objects from the inspiration box.

7 p.m. | While enjoying dinner outside on the patio, Dan reflects on a mobile he made that hangs overhead and files away another idea.

8 p.m. | Dan’s old friend calls, and they reminisce. His birthday is coming up. Maybe he’d like a wooden box like the one Dan’s making for his daughter? Another idea to be fulfilled. 

Contact Dan Slayton at danslayton@gmail.com or 661.204.7254.