Monthly Style Brief

Why buy handmade? Without a doubt, mass production has given us an abundance of goods that enhance not only our homes but also our quality of life. Since we do live in a world where most things are mass produced, it’s that much more special to have the option of purchasing an artisan or handmade product. A bonus is, often with handmade goods, there is the probability or even certainty you can customize your item. In the case of window coverings, bedding, pillows or floral, you can even design from scratch. In something that’s a reflection of you personally, there will always be more attention to detail. The heart of the craftsman leaves an imprint on every piece.

When you purchase an artisan piece, you purchase an item made with love, care and thought. A hand or artisan-made piece can never be truly duplicated. There will always be variations in color, texture, shape and scale, making it one of a kind.

“Art and love are the same thing; it’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you, a wise man observed. Embrace something made with heart.”