Variations in an Elegant, Monochromatic Look

Texture is often overlooked but can transform your home from serviceable to beautiful. Texture usually involves your actual sense of touch, but even just the sight of a nubby throw or smooth tabletop makes you “feel” a space. Rougher textures make an environment more intimate and ground it. Textiles, pattern, wood and architectural elements add that facet of texture. Mixed with smooth or shiny components, they contrast and balance each other. If you feel like your room is just missing something, it’s likely the element of texture.

Tone—whatever your preferred` color scheme—is equally important. Variation in color saturation also helps “beat the boring.” Here in Bakersfield, we love our neutrals because of their versatility. The key is to layer the tones to add depth. A sprinkling of color—especially your favorite—can create excitement in your decor. At times, we might just need a touch of nature’s greenery or floral to bring neutrals into focus. Every color, neutral or vibrant, calming or exciting, can be an expression of your individuality and happiness!