Farmhouse Style

Don’t we all wish for a simpler, more relaxed era when everyone gathered at the table to share a meal? Farmhouse style can bring that feeling right into our very own home.  It’s a casual style that wears well over time. The warm and approachable feeling says “Welcome to our home.”

You can take farm style in many directions. Give a nod to what’s homegrown here in Bakersfield: cotton, produce, even livestock; add a vintage-look sign to make it even more fun. Celebrate our hardworking history by blending a little industrial with your farm style, using aged metals and reclaimed wood. You can bring it into this decade by balancing the old with the new—a more clean-lined approach with lots of grays and whites. Throw in some fabrics like cotton, linen and burlap on pillows, rugs, throws and window treatments to make it your own.

Remember it’s not all or nothing. Mix styles and show who you are!