My favorite day of the year has to be Mother’s Day. I adore my two grown children more than I ever thought possible. I never realized how much my heart would grow to love them more with each and every passing day, year to year; my heart grows ever larger. I carry memories of my own wonderful mother in my heart and think of her every day. While there are many wonderful milestones and many firsts along the path to be remembered, it is those quiet moments without words that wash over my heart.

When I first viewed Cheri Sperl’s “Cradled,” this month’s cover, it took me back in time—remembering the tenderness, trust and the overwhelming feelings of being utterly at peace with the innocence of childhood. No words are necessary. Cheri’s image reminds me of the silent joy experienced long ago. No need to go out to lunch or receive a bouquet for Mother’s Day—just let me remember. The gift of children is a gift forever.

May’s issue is devoted to women. Bakersfield is home to some terrific, smart, awesome women. We’ve spotlighted a few, though there are many more, too numerous for the confines of these pages. Whether you are mothers or not, we women are all nurturers in one way or another. That is one of our superpowers. We are superwomen and can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We salute you!

Happy May!