Bucket List 4

The Ritual and Passion of Fly-fishing


If finding the true intersection of nature and sport is important to you, fly-fishing should be on your bucket list.

River Guide Extraordinaire

Kernville’s Guy Jeans has an infectious passion for the sport of fly-fishing, and he may be most knowledgeable person on the planet about the ecosystems of the Kern River, its tributaries and its 10 species of native trout.

“There’s no more peaceful place than the river,” he says. “I hear music in the sound of moving water.”

In Search of the California Golden Trout

Thousands of fishermen from all over the world have traveled to Kernville in search of its wily native and wild trout. Fishermen appreciate the raw beauty of the Kern and the golden trout that exists only in its waters. With its brilliant gold belly, this rainbow subspecies is considered by many to be the most beautiful trout in the world.

Finding Your Center

Guy tells a story of fishing recently with two priests. While standing in the river exchanging small talk, one of the priests turned to him and asked him where he finds God. Without hesitation, Guy raised his arms and spun 360 degrees, saying only “all around me.” They got it!

Guy recently taught actor Christian Bale how to fly-fish for his role in an upcoming Brad Pitt movie, “Back Seat,” scheduled for release later in 2018.

The Romance of Fly-fishing

If you have the slightest yearning to embrace the romance and ritual of fly fishing, look no further than the Kern River and Guy Jeans to get you there. His Kern River Fly Fishing School can transport a total novice, even someone who’s never fished, to fly fishing competence. Guy’s mission in life is to spread the joy of fly fishing to people young and old.


Kern River Fly Fishing

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