Regenerative Medicine

A New Approach to Treating Chronic Injuries

Regenerative medicine harnesses your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Traditionally, medical providers would diagnose and recommend treatments that simply alleviated a patient’s symptoms—without fixing the underlying pathology. As such, chronic conditions and symptoms in many patients inevitably returned.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and stem cell therapies offer great promise for repairing most types of tissue damage and provides a viable alternative for people with chronic conditions who might otherwise consider only surgery. By leveraging the body’s own regenerative properties, these minimally invasive treatments repair chronically damaged tissue from the inside out without the pain and lengthy recovery and rehabilitation period associated with surgery.

An Emerging Science with Exciting Promise

The field of regenerative medicine is still fairly new with limited protocols in the medical literature related to PRP and stem cell therapies. Even among experienced physicians, there are differences of opinion as to which methods and treatments are most effective. And, because these therapies are still considered experimental, PRP and stem cell treatments are not currently reimbursable by health insurers and requires private-pay. Because this has led to the rise of many so-called “experts,” if you’re considering PRP or stem cell treatments, make certain that your practitioner has a track record of successful outcomes.

The True Regenerative Medicine Specialist:

  • Conducts a comprehensive physical examination to diagnose the underlying symptoms.
  • Uses ultrasound and MRI diagnostic imaging technologies to pinpoint the location of tissue damage.
  • Determines whether regenerative medicine is the most appropriate treatment.
  • Thoroughly discusses the treatment process in every detail.
  • Relies on ultrasound and fluoroscopy machines to ensure precise injection of regenerative cells to the exact injury location.
  • Executes a well-informed therapy protocol to produce a positive outcome.

A Local Expert You Can Trust

Dr. Arturo Palencia has spent the past five years attending conferences and studying with the leading minds in the field of regenerative medicine. Since 2015, Palencia has been offering regenerative medicine therapies only to patients in his pain management practice. He has successfully treated more than 200 patients with PRP and stem cells using unique treatment protocols developed through years of training and practice.

Palencia is now offering his services to the general public through the newly formed Bakersfield PRP & Stem Cells, a division of Pain Institute of Central California.