It’s no surprise that it’s warm in Bakersfield in July. We have a secret to tell, though. It’s actually only May 22, but our publishing calendar requires us to foretell July in May. That said, having reflected on our weather last July, it’s a safe bet that it will be warm — quite warm. But what makes Bakersfield interesting is the number of ways to enjoy warm summer weather. Find a pool or lake. Find some shade. It’s always cooler — and with a gentle breeze, why worry? We know that our semi-desert climate cools fairly quickly after sunset. So we have featured a number of restaurants that offer shaded patio dining. Choose the type of food you want and let them do the work. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It actually helps cool the body. Before you know it, the summer weather will fade into fall. Enjoy!

Correction: We mistakenly referred to Opulent Spa as being located in The Marketplace in our May issue. It’s actually located in Grand Island Village.

In Memoriam: Harvey L. Hall, 1941-2018 | The longest-serving mayor in Bakersfield history.