A Bakersfield Fairytale 1

The Magical Ellis Family Farm

Meet the Ellis family: Shane, Amber, Cooper and Layla. Amber had no idea what the future would hold when she met Shane. At the time, they were both in school at CSUB. Amber considered herself more of a city girl, and Shane had spent his childhood in a more rural setting. They fell in love and married. Shane is director of operations of KCSI Aerial Patrol, and Amber is a substitute teacher, oversees the farm and has many other projects underway. Now after two children—Cooper, 12; and Layla, 10—the Ellis family resides in a charmingly renovated vintage house built in 1940. The original house was located on Calloway and later moved to its current Johnson Road location.

Life on the farm is never dull. There’s always something to do, someone to feed, someone to clean up after and someone to love. The other residents include four dogs: Louis, Clark, Sadie and Cowboy; two cats, Harry and Sophie; and four new kittens that just found their way to the farm. Horses, goats, chickens, a miniature donkey and a pot-bellied pig named Zippy round out the roster. Many of the animals have been rescued and mercifully have found a slice of paradise in the loving care of the Ellis clan. No wonder theirs is the go-to house for all the neighborhood kids.

Dakota is the newest resident on the farm. She is a mare whose fate seemed doomed until the family saved her. Layla immediately bonded with Dakota and seemed to empathize with the little horse. She says she loves Dakota and feels happy that she has been saved. Dakota has a surprise for the family; she appears to be pregnant. So the ever-growing family will soon add yet another member.

Zippy and a miniature horse named Cash are best friends. They spend their days together bathing in the sun, watching antics of all the other animals and enjoying their peaceful home. Despite this idyllic life, Zippy can be somewhat mischievous. He occasionally wanders off to check out the neighbor’s property. When he’s apprehended, he guiltily squeals some excuse about just being curious and then finds his way back to his buddy, Cash. Boys will be boys.