New-School Home Furnishings with Old-School Flair

Trendy New Furniture Mimics Look of Antiques

The latest trend in home furnishings really isn’t new at all. In fact, it’s very familiar. A remix of old and new—combining the look of seasoned antiques and refurbished treasures that tell a story—with the conveniences of newly constructed furniture. While we love the feel and history of rustic and time-worn pieces, we don’t necessarily want that look on our upholstery. Real life is full of dirt, coffee spills, shedding pets and sticky fingers!

The beautiful bedroom pieces featured on this page and the dining room in the ad for The French Quarter have the answer to real life—performance fabrics. Kid- and pet-friendly, these fabrics are comfortable and work hard. They repel water, resist stains, are easy to clean and durable—perfect for those dining room chairs and upholstered beds! These fabrics, long appreciated for outdoor use, are now stepping into elegant and stylish homes.