Must-Reads for the Culinarily Engaged

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants by Joe Warwick

Eat where 650 of the world’s best chefs eat around the world. A great guidebook for breakfast, lunch or dinner around the world, 7,000 recommendations and 4,500 places to choose from.


1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover’s Life List by Mimi Sheraton

A terrific book for the traveling foodie, by Mimi Sheraton, former food critic for The New York Times. Cuisines from around the world.


School Night: Dinner Solutions for Every Day of the Week by Kate McMillan (Williams-Sonoma)

A great helper for busy families. Lots of ideas for school night meals. Quick, easy and healthy recipes for the whole family.