Thanksgiving is a special time for reflection. So as we “wrap” our 14th issue, we feel eternally grateful to have been welcomed to Bakersfield and thankful for both our advertisers and readers. Bakersfield Lifestyle 2.0 in 2019 will take us in new directions with exciting new content ideas. Travel will be a regular feature—as will an interesting wine column. Our core mission, above all, is to become a welcome publication each month for our readers—and an important platform for our advertisers. We hope readers will look forward to what we write. But we’re always happy to get reader feedback.

We shouldn’t forget that Thanksgiving is a uniquely American tradition. It can also be a time to start new family traditions. But don’t overlook the meaningful traditions you grew up with. There probably isn’t a more special time than Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. Take the time to appreciate those who shop for and prepare it. And don’t forget those who may not have been able to join you. As the holiday shopping seasons begin, think local first.