Thankful and Grateful

Thanksgiving is a special time for reflection. So as we “wrap” our 14th issue, we feel eternally grateful to have been welcomed to Bakersfield and thankful for both our advertisers and readers. Bakersfield Lifestyle 2.0 in 2019 will take us in new directions with exciting new content ideas. Travel will be a regular feature—as will … Continued

Finally Fall | Happy Birthday to Us!

Finally Fall There’s a certain excitement that accompanies the advent of fall. Summer is over, the heat has subsided and it’s time to get to work. Somehow the tasks don’t seem onerous because there are so many enjoyable activities that come along with the cooler season. There are football and soccer games, tailgates, performances, road … Continued

Fashion, Style and Trends

“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. But now, anything goes.” —Cole Porter, 1934 Despite the many years since Cole Porter wrote those now famous lyrics, some things have changed yet many things remain. Having grown up wearing school uniforms for most of my life, developing a sense of style … Continued

What Children and Pets Teach Us About Life

With summer vacation drawing to a close and temperatures still hot, it’s a good time to sit back and enjoy this month’s articles. You will meet some amazing neighbors who are all making the world a better place, improving the lives of people in Bakersfield. This month is devoted to children and pets. The kids … Continued

Dog Days

It’s no surprise that it’s warm in Bakersfield in July. We have a secret to tell, though. It’s actually only May 22, but our publishing calendar requires us to foretell July in May. That said, having reflected on our weather last July, it’s a safe bet that it will be warm — quite warm. But … Continued

Dear Gents

We celebrate men in June, but men at their best celebrate the women in their lives. There is no more symbiotic relationship. They give us sensibilities we might not otherwise have—and the support we sometimes don’t deserve. We treasure the freedom they give us to express ourselves. And they sometimes even tell us things we … Continued

To Strong Women

My favorite day of the year has to be Mother’s Day. I adore my two grown children more than I ever thought possible. I never realized how much my heart would grow to love them more with each and every passing day, year to year; my heart grows ever larger. I carry memories of my … Continued

Spring Forward

Ahh, spring! Daylight saving time arrives on March 11 followed by the first day of spring on March 20. The air is sweet and filled with the smell of flowers. It is neither too cold nor too hot—just perfect. The angle of the sun casts light so adroitly that everything is bathed in what seems heavenly light. Long walks punctuate the days and dining…

Paul Simon 1965

Happy Easter! The hills are painted in the lovely hues of spring, and the air is still clear and crisp. Spring is here in full voice! The air is redolent with the perfume of citrus trees and apple blossoms, intoxicating scents that feed the soul. Take a drive into the hills and enjoy the majesty of spring. Maybe snap some…

Love is in the Air

It is thought that Valentine’s Day may have derived from the purifying ritual known as February that was practiced in early Roman times on February 15 to bless the city of Rome. According to mythology, a festival to celebrate the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus, who are credited with founding Rome, was also observed on February 15.