Love is in the Air

It is thought that Valentine’s Day may have derived from the purifying ritual known as February that was practiced in early Roman times on February 15 to bless the city of Rome. According to mythology, a festival to celebrate the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus, who are credited with founding Rome, was also observed on February 15.

Entruity Wealth Grand Opening

Entruity Wealth, launched in July 2017, welcomed clients and friends to celebrate the grand opening of their wealth management firm at their new offices in the Bolthouse Properties Center. A spirited five-piece band spread familiar jazz and rock melodies while Luigi’s of Bakersfield catered delicious food. Photography by Elliott St. George.

February 2018 Around Town

Bakersfield’s Fab Lab of California State University Bakersfield was awarded the 2017 Beautiful Bakersfield Award in Education for bringing innovation and hands-on learning to the Bakersfield community. Presented by the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, the Beautiful Bakersfield Awards recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations that improve the quality of life in Bakersfield.

Meet the Maker: Don Lucas, Master Silversmith

Bakersfield has been home to Don Lucas for most of his life, albeit for some short sojourns that would end up changing his life. Don met his wife, Kathy, while they were both students at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Don was studying psychology and theology and by chance took a pottery class. He discovered he loved working with…

Valentine’s Day
at Cafe Med

“A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou." 
—Omar Khayyam

The Creative Mind

Dan Slayton is an artist who’s fascinated by how things work and the sum of their parts. His mind is constantly working, a program he says that is “always running in the background.” He says that the execution is the easy part; it’s wrestling the concept that presents the greatest challenge. When an idea takes hold and possesses his mind,…

The French Quarter

Why buy handmade? Without a doubt, mass production has given us an abundance of goods that enhance not only our homes but also our quality of life. Since we do live in a world where most things are mass produced, it’s that much more special to have the option of purchasing an artisan or handmade product. A bonus is, often with…

in the home with … Dreammaker Bath & Kitchen

With the holidays in the rearview mirror and spring approaching, you might be considering changes to spruce up your home. You survived yet another season of cooking in an outdated, nonfunctional kitchen and say to yourself that’s it time for a change! Or maybe the New Year includes a move to another home, moving up—or perhaps downsizing. You love the house,…

Out of 
the Darkness

Artists find inspiration everywhere. Why? Because they are open to receiving it in whatever form it might appear. Open mind, open heart, open spirit. They receive subtle messages that a lot of others might ignore. They see things and feel things that are sometimes imperceptible, the sublime. Other times, they are influenced by horrific events, tragedy and, perhaps, near-death experiences.