Paul Simon 1965

Happy Easter! The hills are painted in the lovely hues of spring, and the air is still clear and crisp. Spring is here in full voice! The air is redolent with the perfume of citrus trees and apple blossoms, intoxicating scents that feed the soul. Take a drive into the hills and enjoy the majesty of spring. Maybe snap some…

CASA Kickoff Event

Colleen McGauley, executive director of CASA of Kern County, welcomed hundreds of generous Bakersfield citizens and businesses committed to improving the lives of children in the dependency system by pairing them with trained volunteer advocates—a noble mission. The event was held January 25 at The Gardens of Monji.

What’s Going On?

California State University Bakersfield has been named one of the Most Affordable Colleges by Best Value Schools, coming in at No. 6 in The 100 Most Affordable Universities in America 2018.

Subarus are Just Plain Fun

Subaru fans love their cars. There’s a brand loyalty that even Subaru finds tough to fully comprehend. But comments like “outdoorsy,” “durable,” “dependable,” “family-friendly,” “fun to drive,” “responsive handling,” “unique,” “cool,” “quirky,” “fuel-efficient,” “environmentally friendly" and “great off the beaten path” gives a clear sense why love of Subaru is almost cultlike.

Fourth Annual Kern County Plein Air Festival

For the fourth year, Kern County Arts Council will sponsor a Plein Air Festival that will feature artists from California and several other western states. Sixteen artists will fan out across the county to paint between three and seven paintings in the span of five days. The festival will culminate in an awards ceremony and art sale, followed by a…

Putting Down Roots

Anthropologists believe that humans initiated plant cultivation some 23,000 years ago. From crude techniques to modern agribusiness, farming has evolved into a complex science. Through a deeper understanding of chemical interactions and modified growing techniques, today’s independent farmers are shaking up the food world. The trend toward artisanal food, healthier diets and quest for freshness is driving menus in restaurants…

Downtown Street Ambassadors

Like many American cities, Bakersfield has been searching for innovative ways to revitalize its long-ignored, heavily vacated downtown in the wake of the '70s-'90s migration to lifestyle centers. But that can pose significant challenges and costs. Fortunately for the city, there are enough committed citizens that saw an important vision and mission for the future. It’s a team effort that’s…

Monthly Style Brief

Don’t we all wish for a simpler, more relaxed era when everyone gathered at the table to share a meal? Farmhouse style can bring that feeling right into our very own home.  It’s a casual style that wears well over time. The warm and approachable feeling says "Welcome to our home."

Seasonal Delights

Locale, defined as a place where something happens. 
That “something” is the unique creation of delicious, artfully prepared food that is locally sourced and organic with a gourmet touch. Located in a once-upon-a-time gas station, owner Heather Laganelli has pumped her restaurant full of her creative joie de vivre. Perhaps it was inevitable that Heather should find herself in the…

Finding New Life

Repurposing and creating new life for wine barrels is the brainchild of James Harris. James lovingly fashions his creations into a myriad of home furnishings for both interior and exterior use. Red wine and whiskey barrels are made of a variety of French and American oak woods. Barrels are used over and over until the desired oak flavor notes is completely…