Monthly Style Brief

 Article Julie Hatridge    They love us and respect us. They help us build happy homes, happy lives, happy families. They aren’t afraid to commit. Or maybe they are but love us enough to jump into the future—and uncharted territory anyway. They’re around for our best days—and our worst. They’re strong because they’re gentle and protective all at once. They let us…

Plein Air Festival 2018 Gala

Fifteen plein air painters fanned out across Kern County in a celebration of plein air painting. David Dibble of Orem, Utah, in a repeat of last year, won Best of Show with his moody “Refinery.” San Francisco Bay native Lindsey Kustusch won the Artists’ Selection award for “Cotton Gin.” Anette Power won second place with … Continued

Merle Haggard Post Office Dedication

Country icon Merle Haggard called Bakersfield home. After a shortened sentence as a 20-year-old at San Quentin, where he heard Johnny Cash in concert, he returned to Bakersfield to pursue a passion for music. About 1,000 people enjoyed a tribute set by Johnny Owens and the Buck Fever Band. Mayor Karen Goh; Haggard’s widow, Theresa; … Continued

Mazzei Injector Company Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Mazzei Injector Company and its founders, Angelo and Mary Mazzei and daughter Celia, invited more than 200 guests to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The company, with 20 patents to its credit, plays a significant role in the field of computation fluid dynamics to the agriculture, swimming pool and spa, wine, and municipal water and wastewater … Continued

Bucket List

 Article Bob Whyte  If finding the true intersection of nature and sport is important to you, fly-fishing should be on your bucket list.  River Guide Extraordinaire

Regenerative Medicine

 Article A.P. Whyte    Regenerative medicine harnesses your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Traditionally, medical providers would diagnose and recommend treatments that simply alleviated a patient’s symptoms—without fixing the underlying pathology. As such, chronic conditions and symptoms in many patients inevitably returned. 

Dear Gents

We celebrate men in June, but men at their best celebrate the women in their lives. There is no more symbiotic relationship. They give us sensibilities we might not otherwise have—and the support we sometimes don’t deserve. We treasure the freedom they give us to express ourselves. And they sometimes even tell us things we … Continued

June 2018 Around Town

Grapes of Wrath Lore There’s Grapes of Wrath lore in Bakersfield’s past and its connection to the plight of millions of Americans whose lives had been impacted by the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression of the ’30s. The city really hit the map during the Depression era three decades after the discovery of oil, … Continued

David Gordon “All Over the Place” Exhibit Opening

Accomplished local artist David Gordon displayed his most recent work at Bakersfield’s Metro Gallery during First Friday. Many people attended the exhibit opening. Primarily a landscape painter, he works mostly in oil.

Alec & His Dad

Article Bob Whyte | Photography Parents of high-performing high school athletes who participate in club sports will relate to this story. Life in club sports is a significant commitment in time and money for both father and son. For many, it’s the only sport they’ll focus on in high school. Their dream: to earn a scholarship to play their sport…